Tasha Kheiriddin: With only two weeks to go, can Trudeau reverse the Conservatives’ momentum?


In two weeks, Canada will have a new government. Until last week, that government promised to look a lot like the old government: a Liberal minority, possibly a majority, but Liberal nonetheless. Then, something curious happened. The Liberals made a series of missteps, from manipulating a video to defending a candidate accused of sexual impropriety. Unlike the other parties, they seemed in no rush to present a platform, until leader Justin Trudeau finally did the grand reveal last Wednesday. Meanwhile, two French leaders’ exchanges took place; in both, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh acquitted themselves very well, and voters took notice. And suddenly, an actual race broke out. If the vote were held today, poll aggregator 338.com has the Tories at 34.6 per cent, the Liberals at 31.4 per cent and the NDP at 19.6 per cent. When the margin of error is factored in, it’s a dead heat between the two front-runners. The quirks of vote distribution also mean that despite their lead, the Conservatives might not be able to get enough seats to form government.

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