Liberal candidate makes sexist, antisemitic comment towards Green leader Annamie Paul


A Trudeau Liberal candidate made an incendiary “Jew” insult on Twitter towards Green leader Annamie Paul. She said it constituted online hate speech. “It happens all too often,” she said. “A lot of that is directed at me.” Irene Walker, the Liberal candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland, Alberta, tweeted the remark on June 18, more than two months before the Party acclaimed her in the riding, reported Blacklock’s. Asked by a Twitter follower: “I really don’t know enough about the Green Party and Annamie drama to have an opinion, but what are your thoughts on it?” Walker replied: “Personally I think she has done a great disservice to women, people who are not white and Jews.” The Trudeau Liberals said Walker, a retired nurse, had apologized. Leader Paul said she did not receive any apology. “It’s incredibly painful,” said Paul. “It’s incredibly damaging.” “I have been constantly attacked… for my Jewish identity but also as a woman and also a person of colour. I hope everyone will call out hate when they see it because the silence clearly emboldens hate,” she added.

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