Tom Mulcair: Trudeau, O’Toole engaged in ‘phony’ war over gun control


A phony war on guns. Back in March, one of the main groups lobbying for stricter gun controls declared that Justin Trudeau was no longer welcome to attend their activities commemorating the École Polytechnique feminicide. Trudeau had often been a speaker at these very moving events held in memory of 14 women who were killed because they were women. Comprised mostly of the families of victims, as well as survivors of that mass murder, the group PolySeSouvient (Poly remembers) was fed up with the broken promises and equivocation of the Liberals on gun control. What Bill Blair had announced fell well short of what had been promised and the group was no longer willing to accept to be a backdrop to allow Trudeau to emote. They wanted action and were calling him out for his failure. It was with no small irony that over the weekend, sensing it had Erin O’Toole on the run on the issue of gun control, the Liberals trotted out the very same Bill Blair to announce new and improved gun control measures! In a country that prides itself on being far more rational than Americans on the issue of firearms, I’ve sadly been through more than my share of commemorations and funerals after shootings.

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