Report: Biden Aides Privately ‘Relieved’ Courts Reinstated ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy Amid Border Crisis


Biden officials were reportedly “relieved” that federal courts forced the administration to revive former President Donald Trump’s “Migrant Protection Protocols” — better known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy — amid a record number of illegal immigrant encounters and a continuing border crisis, according to The New York Times. President Joe Biden made it a priority of his new administration to repeal the Remain in Mexico policy by executive order, allowing asylum seekers to enter the United States and stay in the country while they awaited a hearing on their asylum claims rather than forcing them to “remain in Mexico,” per the policy. Courts, however, struck down Biden’s executive order rescinding the policy, calling it unconstitutional. In the following months, the number of illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border exploded and, in July, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained around 200,000 migrants — the most since the Department of Homeland Security began counting when it was established in 2001.

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