Ideologues want males in women’s space but real people believe in fairness


In this federal election, Lyse-Pascale Inamuco is the NDP candidate in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier. Her campaign motto is “Fighting for you.” That seems pretty benign on its face. But the devil is always in the details. The “you” in “fighting for you” is not all it seems. As it turns out, if you are a woman demanding your Charter sex-based rights in areas which traditionally have been protected spaces for you, Pascale may suddenly be AWOL until you go away. I should stipulate that I am not writing this column out of concern that Inamuco might actually win this riding. […] Ottawa-Vanier riding resident, I’ll call him XY, emailed all three party candidates with the same question: “Will you support the current policy of allowing males into women’s safe spaces such as washrooms and spas, and the placing of males into women’s prisons, and not only allowing but advocating for males to compete against girls and women in sports?” Neither the Liberal or Conservative candidates responded (probably realizing no good could come from it), but Inamuco — thinking she was on solid ground — walked straight into the quagmire.

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