Apparently, there’s no getting rid the Afghan ‘refugees’ who don’t pass vetting


Joe Biden’s self-touted evacuation of more than a hundred thousand Afghans, presumably allies, might just have been a migrant-lift instead of an evacuation of Americans and allies, an open border of a different sort, with NGOs and left-wing lawyers involved in who got in. That’s the news from Breitbart’s Neil Munro, who’s traced the involvement of a K Street–type law firm, that apparently had enough pull in the Washington swamp to get its group of unvetted Afghan “refugees” in, while bona fide Americans and virtually all Afghan translator allies were left on the tarmac. Most of us knew that something funny was going on with the huge numbers of Afghans on the planes and the minuscule numbers of Americans, all because, as Joe Biden claimed, the Americans wanted to stay. President Joe Biden’s Afghan evacuation was so chaotic that an immigration law firm in D.C. inserted hundreds of unidentified and unvetted Afghans from a regional Afghan city into the main processing center in Qatar, according to the New York Times. The unidentified Afghans are now being held in Germany while officials try to identify them and learn about their past actions.

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