Trudeau met by angry protesters in Newmarket, Ont.


Protesters against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau gesture during his federal election campaign stop in Newmarket, Ont., on Sunday. Trudeau gestures as he exits his campaign bus in Newmarket. He was joined by Tony Van Bynen, the Liberal candidate for Newmarket-Aurora. The Liberal leader greeted people at a restaurant patio for about eight minutes. He was surrounded by police officers and security personnel. Trudeau was met by about 100 protesters, some of them supporters of the People’s Party of Canada. Many Liberal supporters were also on hand. Trudeau has been dogged by often angry protests since the start of the campaign. Anger is palpable and some of the protesters use language that is more obscene than is typical at political protests. The angry demonstrations are often fueled by what participants have been reading online about COVID-19, vaccines and pandemic-driven restrictions on economic activity and personal liberties. Some hollered profanities, racist slurs and many shouted anti-vaccination sentiments.

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