Rep. McCaul On Afghan Interpreters Left Behind: ‘Executions Are Taking Place,’ ‘Retaliation Has Been Severe’


Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Fox News on Sunday that Afghan interpreters who were left behind are now facing executions as the Taliban enacts “severe” retaliation against those who helped U.S. forces in Afghanistan. […] “There are also reports that the Taliban is now carrying out mass killings of former Afghan government officials, former Afghan defense forces,” Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said to McCaul during the interview. “Can you shed any light on that?” “Yes. You know, executions are taking place. We’re getting videos coming in, stories of interpreters being, you know, blocked by the Taliban,” McCaul said. “Remember, they had a perimeter around the airport itself. The interpreters couldn’t get through that perimeter. Most Americans did. Some got blocked by our own U.S. government at the airport. The State Department wholly failed in this evacuation and we had to rely on groups like Operation Task Forces like Pineapple and Dunkirk, who I implore the State Department to work with, to help get these Americans and interpreters left behind out.”

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