Michael Taube: Why O’Toole would be a more effective prime minister than Trudeau


Canada’s federal election has reached the third week — the midway point. The Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals in every major opinion poll by three to six per cent. While these numbers should always be taken with a healthy grain of salt, it’s clear that Erin O’Toole’s political trajectory is currently soaring above Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s. Many Canadians have already locked in their preferences. Their votes are secure, no matter what happens during the leaders’ debates or on the campaign trail. For undecided voters, this is the stage of an election where they start considering a leader’s political intangibles. What characteristics would make him/her trustworthy and effective? Does he/she have the proper balance of life and work experience? What is his/her knowledge of issues, both domestic and international? Is his/her political vision for the country realistic or unrealistic? Finding appropriate answers to these questions (and others) may help undecided Canadians park their votes in a particular direction. How do Trudeau and O’Toole compare? […] Trudeau has more political experience, whereas O’Toole’s life and work experience is superior.

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