GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau no ‘law-and-order’ candidate on gun crime


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to pound Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole for the rest of the campaign on the fact O’Toole promised in his platform to repeal a May 2020 Liberal Order in Council banning 1,500 firearm models. Trudeau’s attack is fair game. After a firestorm of controversy about this promise, O’Toole on Sunday said the Order in Council would remain in place while a Conservative government conducts a review of it. It could be amended or repealed after that. That said, the idea of Trudeau portraying himself as the law-and-order candidate on gun violence in this election is absurd. If re-elected, Trudeau intends to pass the Liberals’ Bill C-22, removing mandatory minimum sentences for [various] gun-related offences. That’s consistent with Trudeau’s approach to gun violence, which is aimed primarily at gun control as opposed to tougher sanctions for criminals who use guns.

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