Firefighters and State Troopers Band Together, Sue Their Own Governor in Massive Court Case


Some of Oregon’s bravest and finest are fighting back against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate issued by Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. A group of Oregon State Police troopers and firefighters from Klamath County filed the suit just days after an Oregon State Trooper who called Brown “Miss Governor” was placed on leave for taking to social media with his opposition to the vaccine mandate, according to The Oregonian. Brown is being sued by the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police along with troopers from various communities around the state and the Kingsley Firefighters Association, which represents Kingsley Field firefighters. “This lawsuit has nothing to do with the efficacy of the vaccine at this point,” Dan Thenell, the lawyer representing the troopers and firefighters, told The Oregonian. “It has to do with having their jobs held over their heads.” “With very few exceptions, none of which apply here, all speech and expressive conduct are constitutionally protected,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiffs’ right to control their own medical destinies is both expressive speech in the form of opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine, and expressive conduct in opposition to the vaccine mandate.”

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