Eight times the Liberals have insulted and name-called Canadians


Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau and his peers have slung a wide array of insults and divisive remarks towards Canadians over the years. From calling people “neanderthals,” to alleging that Canadians were racist and implying veterans were too greedy, the Liberals have smeared ordinary people in numerous ways. True North has compiled a list of the eight worst insults and remarks that the Liberals have used against Canadians. During a campaign stop in August, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau referenced unvaccinated Canadians as “those people” and suggested that they are putting everyone at risk, including children. Currently, approximately 28% of the Canadian population has yet to receive one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. “Everyone needs to get vaccinated and those people are putting us all at risk,” said Trudeau. “And Erin O’Toole is siding with them? Instead of with Canadians who did their part and stepped up.” rior to the 2021 election being called, the Liberal government announced a $3.3 million national ad campaign to lecture “non-racialized Canadian middle-aged adults” on how Canada is racist.

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