The Cost of Our Afghanistan Withdrawal


Exploring the damage to American interests. How does a leader decide what to do? The most logical response is: “Cui bono?” — “Who benefits?” — from the decision. If some policy benefits your country most, you should, within moral bounds, pursue it. If your enemies benefit most, you should avoid it. I’d be curious to learn what answer proponents of America leaving Afghanistan — conservative or liberal — would give to the question, “Cui bono?”… while America doesn’t benefit at all from leaving Afghanistan, it does get hurt. The damage to the reputation of America — as an ally and as a strong country — is not easily overstated. The damage done to NATO, whose members President Joe Biden didn’t bother to consult, is greater than any damage former President Donald Trump — whom the left-wing mainstream media constantly attacked for damaging NATO — was alleged to have done. On the other hand, “Cui bono?” has some very clear answers: China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, every Islamic terror group in the world and every other anti-American regime and movement.

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