Rupa Subramanya: Diehard Justin Trudeau supporters will ignore any sin, however disgraceful


Honestly, how the Liberals cultivate voters without having any philosophy beyond power is more like the politics of a third-world country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bumpy re-election ride hit another pothole when it became known that the Liberal party had given the “green light” to Raj Saini, a two term incumbent MP from Kitchener Centre to contest once again in the current federal election. The problem is the veteran MP faces a range of serious allegations of inappropriate behaviour, in particular sexual misconduct toward young female staffers spanning a period of six years, according to CBC News. In one instance, a former staffer filed an official complaint against Saini, and attempted suicide in March 2020, allegedly because of the sexual misconduct she had suffered. Saini has denied any wrongdoing in any of the allegations he has faced. Trudeau’s decision to allow Saini to run under the Liberal banner is not a good look, when he’s maintained that he upholds a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment in the workplace and even claims to be leading a “feminist government.”

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