Protesters against COVID-19 vaccine mandates say they’re pro-freedom, ‘not anti-vaxx’


Across the country, people rallied against requiring COVID-19 vaccination for certain jobs and activities. As more provinces introduce proof-of-vaccination certificates, protests ramped up against public health restrictions and COVID-19 vaccine mandates this week in cities across Canada. On Wednesday, Quebec became the first province to require digital or paper proof of vaccination to access non-essential services and Ontario recently announced the details of its vaccine passport system, which will come into effect on Sept. 22. Manitoba will implement a similar system on Sept. 3, while B.C.’s takes effect on Sept. 13. At a rally in Toronto on Thursday, protesters called it an infringement on their freedom of movement to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access places like restaurants, movie theatres and gyms. (Other indoor places, such as schools, grocery stores and places of worship are not included in the provincial vaccine mandates.)

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