People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier egged at campaign event


A man hit People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Leader Maxime Bernier with an egg at a campaign event Thursday in Saskatoon — one of multiple recent incidents raising questions about campaign security. In a video posted to Twitter, the perpetrator appears to request a photo with Bernier. As Bernier gives a thumbs up, the man smashes an egg into the back of Bernier’s head. Bernier then runs his hands over his head but appears to assure onlookers that he’s okay. “I egged @MaximeBernier,” the individual said in a tweet containing the video. PPC spokesperson Martin Masse said the campaign does not have security guards or screening for its events. “We don’t hire security guards, but there are always volunteers with (Bernier) who keep an eye on what’s going on, often former police officers or veterans,” he said in an email. “There is no screening at our events. Everyone is welcome to come meet Mr. Bernier.” Masse said a similar incident occurred in the 2019 federal election campaign, when someone threw a glass of water at Bernier. Masse said Bernier played down the incident and returned from his hotel room 10 minutes later to continue meeting with supporters.

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