I got an early ride in the electric Ford F-150 Lightning. No truck has any business being this quick.


I rode in the F-150 Lightning, Ford’s first electric pickup truck. The Lightning delivers ridiculous acceleration and handling for a boxy, 6,500-pound truck. Ford says the F-150 Lightning hits 60 mph in 4-5 seconds and boasts up to 563 horsepower. Once the Lightning gets moving, however, it becomes abundantly clear that it’s no ordinary truck, something I learned riding shotgun in the new vehicle around Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan test track. Creeping around a parking lot, the Lightning was silent, unassuming. But all that subtlety vanished the instant the Lightning’s chief engineer, Linda Zhang, floored it onto one of the track’s straightaways. From a stop, the Lightning blasted forward with breathtaking force, throwing me back into my seat. We were at 90 mph before I knew it. Getting up to highway speeds in a conventional truck means waiting for gears to shift as the engine revs to higher RPMs.

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