Had Enough Of Trudeau’s Sickening Hypocrisy Yet?


All Canadians should unite to completely punish the Trudeau Liberals at the polls. There’s hypocrisy in all parties and all politicians. Indeed, hypocrisy and politics go hand in hand. But there’s hypocrisy, and then there’s HYPOCRISY. A sick, in your-face, absolutely disgusting level of hypocrisy that is insulting to all of us. And that’s what Justin Trudeau has become. Feminist? Justin Trudeau has built a big portion of his political brand on being a ‘feminist.’ It’s paid off for him, as the Liberals regularly do far better among female voters than they do among men. In part, this due to the general trend of women leaning to the left, and men leaning to the right (a trend seen in most democracies to a lesser or greater extent). However, Trudeau has sought to deepen that trend by casting himself as a ‘progressive feminist’ leader. Further, he has sought to use his ‘feminist’ label as a divisive political identity, claiming his opponents are the opposite of him, and attacking them on issues he thought would cost them the support of women. Zero Tolerance? A few years ago, Justin Trudeau made a huge deal in saying he had ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual harassment.

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