Former Liberal MP was involved with Trudeau govt for $237 million medical contract


The Former Liberal MP whose medical technology company was contracted by the Trudeau government to make ventilators at a premium cost for Canadians was in direct contact with federal agents, a PMO memo has found. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Baylis Medical Company, owned by former Quebec MP Frank Baylis, was in negotiations with the Trudeau Liberals over the course of three days in April of 2020. This comes in direct contradiction to Baylis’ own statements during a ethics committee testimony, in which he said that he had not been reached out to “or doing any kind of backroom, as it’s been suggested, request to get [himself] a contract.” Baylis said that he had never been contacted by the Trudeau government or speak to anyone “to influence them.” An October 24, 2020 memo from from the Department of Indurstry’s deputy minister Paul Halucha to the PMO, however, shows that Baylis Medical was in direct contact with the Liberals, with Baylis’ partners even warning the government that a contract with a former Liberal MP would be controversial.” The price, $237 million, was negotiated on the same day that the contract was recommended for approval.

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