Conservative government would crack down on illegal immigration


A Conservative government headed by Erin O’Toole intends to stop illegal border crossings that were rampant prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada’s Conservatives will close illegal entry points – the most infamous being Roxham Road in Quebec – along with the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement that allows asylum seekers to come to Canada illegally from the United States, says a section of their platform described as “Securing our Border.” “We will close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement to end illegal border crossings… we will end the practice of the RCMP and the CBSA acting as unofficial welcoming committees, assisting with illegal crossings,” says the Conservative policy platform. This influx of illegal refugees was prompted by a January 2017 tweet from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau inviting the world’s self-selected refugees to come to Canada. It was an attempt gone terribly wrong by our woke open-borders Prime Minister to embarrass former President Donald Trump, who’d signed an executive order banning immigrants from a select few terrorist-harbouring countries to enter the U.S.

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