Afghanistan: How President Trump Would Have Done It


Various leftist mouthpieces are suggesting that the Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan pullout is the failure of a withdrawal plan conceived and strategized by former President Donald Trump. HBO Real Time host Bill Maher led with it on last Friday’s monologue, so you know it’s part of the approved narrative. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the promulgators of this fiction know it. This is Biden’s debacle and everybody knows it. To analyze how things would have been different under Mr. Trump, a good starting point is the phone call then-President Trump made to Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. (Note: This analysis assumes that Trump intended to break clean, and not leave any residual force in the war-torn country.) On the call, Trump made clear that should the Taliban launch any aggressions during what was to be a carefully planned and militarily sound pullout, Baradar’s village, his family, and Baradar himself, would be the initial target of any U.S. response. […] From there we extrapolate what an actual military withdrawal under Commander-in-Chief Trump would have looked like.

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