The lies just keep on coming


And the lies just keep on coming… Lie: The Capitol Hill “police officer” who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt recently averred, “I saved countless lives.” By shooting an unarmed 5’2″ female Air Force veteran upon her entering the Capitol Building with other unarmed citizens? Get real. If a cop shoots a black man — whether armed or unarmed — who’s in the process of fleeing a crime scene, he will be vilified for life, summarily dismissed, demonized the world ’round, and probably incarcerated, possibly for life. Yet, when a cop guns down a petite, unarmed woman who has faithfully served her country and whose biggest crime is that she is potentially trespassing in “the People’s House,” most Americans and the world at large issue a collective “meh.” Lie: Certain news outlets recently carried a story about four players for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills, who were placed in quarantine after being in close contact with a team employee who had contracted COVID-19. Those four players all tested negative for COVID-19 after the contact but will need to go through a five-day re-entry process before they can return to team activities, including practice.

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