Republicans in Texas Pass Voting Integrity Bill. New York Times Hardest Hit


Did you know that the world ended yesterday? Kind of snuck up on ya, didn’t it? It seems that evil Republicans are conspiring to deny the right to vote to women and minorities in Texas by passing a law that has the temerity to suggest that no one should be allowed to vote who isn’t who they say they are. Imagine that! The gall! Why don’t those evil Republicans just trust everyone who shows up to vote to be who they say they are? It’s unAmerican! Besides, the idea that anyone in America wants to try and steal an election in this day and age is crazy, right? At any rate, after Republicans passed the new voting integrity law, the ground opened up, the dead began to walk, fire and brimstone fell from the sky — you know the rest. Positively biblical, if you listen to the left. We’re doomed. Naturally, the guardians of American democracy — or, at least, their version of it — are upset. And this “restricts voting” how? No black people or people of any color are barred from voting. If you need a ballot in a foreign language you can still get it. As far as making voting “easier,” is that always a good thing? What if by making voting “easier” you make it easier to cheat?

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