John Ivison: Dry, retread Liberal platform is more good news for O’Toole campaign


One senior official said there were concerns about reports the Liberals were still looking for “big ideas”. Last week, my Radio Canada colleague Louis Blouin said Justin Trudeau was calling for ideas with “more juice” for his sales pitch to voters. In the event, the platform was as dry as popcorn. It sprinkled $78 billion across 100 spending initiatives, none of which were a surprise or a departure from the April budget. Some — such as the commitment to increase the number of doctors and nurses, the boost to the Old Age Security for those over 75 and the increase to CPP survivor benefits — were similar, if not identical, to promises made in the 2019 platform. The only commitment that stood out for me was the $6 billion promise to eliminate the backlog of surgeries and procedures that built up during COVID — a source of real concern for many Canadians. “From what I’ve seen so far, this cobbled-together plan is essentially a collection of things from a budget that took two years to create,” said Erin O’Toole at his morning press conference.

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