Don Martin: It’s all about him — and that’s why Trudeau is in trouble


Forgotten is 2015’s Trudeaumania, when it was all about him as the anti-Harper. Six years later, it’s still all about him as the Liberal leader launched the campaign as a Trudeauerendum on his pandemic performance. But three weeks after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau started the victory lap for his vaccination procurement success, the Liberal party is flirting with a future in the Official Opposition — and it’s very much all because of him. Vote 2021 is a most unnecessary election at a most inconvenient time and this prevailing view did not die quickly, as expected. The pointlessness of it all is sticking to Trudeau as a defining negative in a campaign now almost halfway over. The polls are dead-heating between Trudeau and Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and the momentum is painted in a surging shade of blue. With the spectre of a potential loss starting to register, Trudeau is clearly getting desperate. Such was the case Tuesday when Trudeau decided the time to call for respectful disagreement with his daily entourage of loud, profane anti-vaxxers was over. It’s time to shame and condemn the anti-vaxxers as a danger to our kids, he fumed.

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