Biden Officials Turn on Him, Reveal How They Really Feel About Afghanistan Withdrawal


President Joe Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan, and his decision to leave American citizens behind while bowing to the demands of the Taliban, has some administration officials doubting him, according to a new report. The establishment media, which all too often works to insulate the error-prone Democrat from any and all criticism, has actually held him accountable in just the last few days. With the establishment media no longer carrying water for Biden, people who work in his administration are speaking out about his latest crisis. Politico reported that while Biden attempts to spin the Afghanistan disaster into some sort of victory, those around him are disappointed. “I am absolutely appalled and literally horrified we left Americans there,” a person identified as an administration official told Politico. “It was a hostage rescue of thousands of Americans in the guise of a [noncombatant evacuation operation], and we have failed that no-fail mission.” Another official said the mission isn’t accomplished if Americans are left behind. Meanwhile, Biden seems to think he couldn’t have handled the last few weeks any better.

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