Report: U.S. Turned Down Offer To Control Kabul During Evacuation, Gave City To Taliban


The United States reportedly turned down an offer from the Taliban to take over control of Kabul while evacuating thousands of personnel, citizens, and green card-holders, and others. The Taliban offered to let the United States take over control of Kabul while the terror group would remain outside waiting on President Joe Biden’s self-imposed withdrawal deadline of August 31 for the U.S. The United States turned down the offer, giving Kabul over to the Taliban while retaining control of Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to The Washington Post. As the Taliban surrounded the city in mid-August, then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani secretly fled the city, leaving behind members of his cabinet and government and surprising Afghan and American officials alike. In the president’s absence, the city’s governance collapsed, and the U.S. and Taliban entered unusual, face-to-face negotiations about the city’s future. The Taliban were left in charge of policing the city. Last week, another terror group, the Islamic State affiliate ISIS-K, launched an attack on one of the airport’s main gates, the Abbey Gate.

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