‘Long-held Doubts about Biden’s Ability’


In National Review Saturday morning, the great and the good are affirming their “long-held doubts about Biden’s ability.” The question that Biden’s media allies and the Washington establishment are now privately wondering: Is the Afghan disaster an aberration, or will the calculated risk they took in helping Biden into the White House prove to be an unending series of headaches and embarrassments? So why in the world did you geniuses deep-six Bernie Sanders back in March 2020? Imagine: if Bernie had been the nominee and defeated by Trump then everything going wrong, from Afghanistan to the cruel end of the rent moratorium, would be Trump’s fault. Yum! According to John Hinderaker, the Brits are writing scathing articles in the Daily Telegraph about President Biden “owning” the decisions and the “consequences.” Translation: what Gaetano Mosca calls the “ruling clique” has suddenly noticed that Houston We Have a Problem. I guess you could say that this is progress. Up till now, the only thing the “ruling clique” cared about was that Trump is a Problem. Otherwise, everything was copacetic, except that we had only 12 years to save the planet.

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