Gulf Sky: ‘Our ship was hijacked and taken to Iran’


In July 2020, the oil tanker Gulf Sky vanished from waters off the United Arab Emirates, along with its crew. Days later it turned up in Iran where it’s now suspected to be working as a “ghost ship” — helping the regime ferry oil in breach of sanctions. For the first time, eight former crew have spoken to the BBC about the ship’s disappearance, saying they were hijacked by a group of armed men. All but the captain have asked not to be named, out of fear for their safety and livelihoods. As darkness drew in along the UAE coast, Captain Joginder Singh stood waiting. His ship, the Gulf Sky, had been stuck at anchor while a legal battle took place between its current and former owners. When Capt Singh was brought in to take the helm, he says he was assured the ship would be sailing again soon.

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