Corbella: O’Toole’s plan to gently balance federal budget is like an oasis in a desert of unsustainable spending


Justin Trudeau is allergic to the letter M and is clearly in love with the letter B. Every day the Prime Minister reveals new multi-billion-dollar announcements of spending on top of his already record spending, never mentioning how he’s going to pay for any of it. On Tuesday, he announced almost $4.5 billion for better mental health services — which may be a great idea, but there’s rarely any explanation of how or why he’s arrived at that amount. The word “million” hasn’t crossed his lips in months. Every announcement comes with promises of billions of dollars. On Tuesday, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole mentioned the M-word — that is, million — when he said that currently Canada is borrowing $400 million a day ($424 million to be more precise), nevermind the billions Trudeau intends to add through his daily spending announcements during this snap, unnecessary election he didn’t need to call for another two years. This is the first time during the campaign that any party leader has mentioned Canada’s ballooning debt and deficit, though those two D-words do feature prominently in the Conservative Party’s election platform, called Secure the Future: Canada’s Recovery Plan. Every hour of every day, our federal government debt is growing by $17.67 million.

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