Censorship Czar Guilbeault owes Revenu Quebec five-figure debt in taxes


Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault confirmed on Monday that he is in tax arrears with Revenu Quebec. Guilbeault would not say if a portion of his $274,500 cabinet salary was deducted to settle the five-figure debt. Guilbeault, in a filing with the Ethics Commissioner, declared “arrears due to Revenu Quebec” under a Public Declaration Of Liabilities Of $10,000 Or More. The heritage minister was the only member of the 43rd Parliament to disclose unpaid taxes, reported Blacklocks. “He has not been paying his fair share,” wrote Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus in a statement. “This is typical.” Guilbeault “needs to come clean and tell Canadians how much he owes in taxes,” said Paul-Hus. The minister should “pay his fair share like all other Canadian families,” he added. Guilbeault, in repeated remarks to the Commons, had said Canadians, including digital corporations operating here, must “pay their fair share” of taxes. “Anyone who profits from the system must contribute to it,” said Guilbeault on December 9, 2019. Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier, in June 22 testimony at the Commons finance committee, said all Canadians shared a duty to finance government programs.

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