WHO Issues Guidance On Digital COVID Certificates Called ‘Conspiracy Theory’ By Media


A newly published WHO report urges the transition to digital certification of vaccine status, presenting implementation strategies for member states. The report is labeled as “interim guidance” which should serve countries help in their fight against COVID-19 and “to capture vaccination status to protect against other diseases”. The central premise appears to be the implementation of Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates which will act as an agent to present and review vaccination status, history of SARS CoV-2 infection and test results. The report acts as a technical guidance, in regard to infrastructure, digital verification processes, and “ethical standards”. The report also describes how vaccination should lead to different steps of verification and database administration, after the person receives the vaccination. The certification would transition through security verification steps until a digital certification is generated. Despite the detailed description of various verification steps, the report never signifies the reason why digital verification is needed and why nation states should follow the process to implement a whole new infrastructure.

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