Sabrina Maddeaux: Millennial support for smug Trudeau Liberals in an unsurprising free fall


For the better part of the last decade, millennials have simultaneously been taken for granted and written off by Canadian politicians. The federal Liberals assumed young voters would always be in their corner. This was partly thanks to historical trends, but also a reflection of the party’s trademark smug moral superiority and belief they were truly the only option on the table. Meanwhile, the Conservatives largely considered millennials a lost cause. It’d been years since they’d thought of young people as “winnable” and, as a result, a lack of imagination and even bitterness set in. Social media, which amplifies a very certain type of young person and makes their entrenched views seem universal, didn’t help a party that still lacks top-down avenues for communication and organization with real-life young Canadians. The result: a whole lot of politicians, pundits, and partisans were shocked to see some of the latest polls, which show Conservatives suddenly competitive with millennials as the Liberals free fall. To recap, Trudeau’s Liberals won their 2015 majority largely thanks to millennials.

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