A Week Ago, Justin Trudeau Wanted Canadians To Be “Infuriated.” Why Isn’t He Happy That His Wish Came True?


It’s a big lesson in being careful what you wish for. There is now zero doubt that Justin Trudeau is facing a huge backlash from Canadians for plunging the country into an election. Despite all the claims and spin he’s put out to justify the election move, it is clear that there is one reason, and one reason only for this election campaign: Trudeau wants more power. He was passing whatever he wanted with NDP support, but even that wasn’t enough, since the Opposition has the majority on many committees and were able to demand a smidgen of accountability from Trudeau. So, Trudeau pushed for an election to get a majority government and avoid being accountable. He began the election in the most divisive way possible, trying to turn vaccines into a wedge issue by pushing for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports — after having previously claimed Canada wouldn’t do those things. Justin Trudeau’s strategy in the first two weeks of the campaign became abundantly clear: Infuriate the nation and direct that rage against Erin O’Toole and against all unvaccinated Canadians. Justin Trudeau wanted Canadians to be infuriated. He got his wish.

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