The ‘Anyone But Trudeau’ Election


Canadians have a chance to bring Trudeau’s divisive, incompetent, and dishonest governance to an end. What will this federal election be about? Afghanistan? Our rights & freedoms? Covid? Taxes? The deficit? Corruption? All of those things, and more. But it increasingly seems that the key, defining issue of the election will be Justin Trudeau himself. In the 2015 campaign, a critical mass of Canadians became fed up with Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Voters went looking for whomever could beat the CPC, first lining up behind the Tom Mulcair-led NDP, before moving to the Trudeau Liberals. Now, in 2021, there are early indications something similar may be happening. Trudeau’s personal popularity has tanked since calling the election, with his cynical & self-serving actions causing a significant backlash among many Canadians. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who has long struggled to resonate with Canadians, is seeing a modest bump in his personal ratings, and the CPC is strengthening in the polls. The NDP looks poised to gain back some of the ground they lost in 2019, with Jagmeet Singh seen by many as someone who actually has a core set of beliefs…

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