‘Fair enough’: Garneau accepts criticism of Canada’s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan


Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau acknowledged on Sunday public criticism towards the Canadian government on its evacuation operation in Afghanistan, saying that no one could predict how quickly the country would fall to the Taliban. “In terms of the criticism of us starting too late — fair enough, fair enough,” Garneau told CTV’s Question Period. “Nobody anticipated the speed with which the Taliban would take over the country, including probably the Taliban themselves, and how quickly the Afghan National Army would either surrender or flee, but it happened.” Amid warnings from the Pentagon about Afghanistan’s imminent collapse, Garneau said his office is still working to get Canadians and vulnerable Afghans out of the country despite Canada’s evacuation operation being terminated on Thursday. “What we are focused now is on moving forward because there are still many Canadians, there are permanent residents, and there are vulnerable Afghans that we want to get out of the country, and that is what we are focused on,” he said. “We accept the criticism, and we are moving forward with trying to deal with the situation.”

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