Conservatives on ‘rocket ride’ as seat projection shows close race: Nanos


With just three weeks to go until the Sept. 20 vote, tracking data ending Sunday and released Monday morning shows the Liberals projected to win 111 seats versus 107 for the Conservatives, a sharp change from an Aug. 22 projection that had the Liberals ahead of the Conservatives 128 to 94. A projection from June had the Liberals at 171 seats versus 59 for the Conservatives. “Check out the trendline, It’s basically a rocket for the Conservatives,” Nanos said on Friday’s edition of CTV’s Trend Line podcast. It’s basically a tie for all intents and purposes.” The data projects 31 seats for the NDP and 9 seats for the Bloc Quebecois. It also shows 79 seats considered too close to call, providing plenty of room for the results to shift before the election. The narrowing seat projection follows substantial gains by the Conservatives in ballot preference during the campaign, which began on Aug. 15. The latest results show the Conservatives in the lead at 32.7 per cent, followed by the Liberals at 31.3 per cent.

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