Biden Slammed After Appearing To Look At Watch During Dignified Transfer Of 13 Slain Troops: ‘They Deserved Better’


President Joe Biden faced criticism on Sunday for appearing to look at his watch while he attended the dignified transfer of the 13 U.S. troops who were killed during an ISIS terrorist attack on the airport in Kabul late last week. “Biden stood with hand over his heart, sometimes with his eyes closed, for dignified transfer of the Marines, one soldier and one sailor killed in Kabul airport attack,” Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted. “About 3 dozen relatives were seated in chairs, in Biden’s line of sight. One woman’s wailing could be heard.” Toward the end of the event, Biden was captured on camera appearing to quickly glance at his watch while taking his hand off of his heart. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) responded, “Apparently our Commander-in-Chief has better things to do than honor the 13 service members who died on his watch? I’m DISGUSTED! God bless these heroes and their loved ones. They deserved better.” “Joe Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer of American Heroes killed by his incompetence,” Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump aide, tweeted. “Despicable. Resign now.”

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