Barbara Kay: Trudeau the fake feminist ignores female inmates’ concerns


Nobody in Canada cares more about women’s interests than Justin Trudeau. Just ask him. Especially when he’s on the campaign trail (“feminist budget,” “she-cession,” “she-covery”). His personal record of, ahem, he-haviour with certain actual women is another story, but never mind all that. It’s election time. The women’s vote is crucial. Unleash the ministerial sheepdogs to herd all those grazing Canadian ewes, away from the Conservative wolves, and into the safety of the Liberal corral. Maryam Monsef, minister for women and gender equality — presently under fire for referring to the Taliban as “our brothers” — obligingly plunged early, fiercely and baselessly into demonizing Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole on the abortion file. A “woman’s right to choose” was under threat, she assured Canadians on Twitter. Women’s rights “ARE up for debate,” she tweeted ominously. In fact, O’Toole is solidly pro-choice, nobody doubts it, and Monsef’s ploy was treated with the ridicule it deserved (although not a patch on the mockery she is receiving for her “our brothers” remark.) Notice something, though? It’s suddenly women, women, women. Not cis-women. Just women.

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