‘Superstar’ dog retires after six years of donating rare blood


A greyhound who has donated his rare blood to help save up to 88 other dogs has retired after six years. Woodie, from Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire, first gave blood when he was three and the nine-year-old has since reached a total of 22 donations. Owner Wendy Gray said: “To know he has helped out families in distressing situations… it is amazing.” Pet Blood Bank UK said each 450ml (16floz) donation can help up to four dogs and hailed Woodie a “superstar”. The Loughborough-based charity said greyhound blood was particularly sought after as it was more likely to be negative — meaning it can be given to any dog in any emergency — and only 30% of dogs were thought to have this blood type. Woodie can no longer donate as blood is only taken from dogs aged one to eight.

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