Trudeau campaign event breaks Ontario’s COVID gathering restrictions


Justin Trudeau came to the Toronto area Friday and tried to pick a fight with Ontario Premier Doug Ford over following public health advice. It was Trudeau though who ended up with egg on his face for packing media and supporters into a small restaurant for a campaign event. Trudeau was unveiling his plans for a $1 billion fund the provinces could draw upon to develop provincial vaccine passports. Standing inside a packed Mississauga restaurant, Trudeau said he hoped Ford would join British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba in adopting the policy. “I certainly hope that here in Ontario, Premier Ford steps up,” Trudeau said. “It’s time for him to listen to public health officials.” As Trudeau was taking questions though, he was asked about breaking Ontario’s indoor gathering restrictions. “Are you breaking the spirit if not the letter of the law to hold a party event and lecture the premier of Ontario on vaccine passports?” Trudeau was asked by CBC reporter Raffy Boudjikanian.

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