Biden jokes with NBC correspondent about Americans stranded in Afghanistan


Joe Biden still isn’t done congratulating himself on the great job he’s claimed to have done on Afghanistan, and already he’s cutting jokes about Americans left behind. Here’s the outrageous exchange, according to Matt Margolis of PJMedia: But, when asked about the situation after a briefing on cybersecurity from NBC’s Peter Alexander, Biden treated it like a joke. “What will you do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the 8/31 deadline?” Alexander asked. That’s when the White House cut off the audio feed. But Biden’s response was heard by those who were in the room, and by Alexander, who said that Biden jokingly replied, “You’ll be the first person I call.” What kind of answer is that? Where does this sarcastic jocularity come from? And does it disgust anyone that the White House tried to cut that feed off, the better to keep that perfectly authentic exchange from the public? It follows from Kamala Harris’s giggling response three days ago in Singapore to a reporter’s question about Americans stranded in Afghanistan, suggesting that it’s a prevalent view from the top. Even from the point of view of saving their own political skin, it doesn’t make sense.

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