Are we helplessly witnessing America’s destruction?


We have a complete lack of integrity in every facet of our government, leading to a lack of faith by the people. Is it ironic to choose ancient Chinese wisdom to explain this? Nope. What we have done by installing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat-run Congress is sell our country’s soul. The beneficiary will be the Chinese communists. Hopefully, we haven’t gone too far to wrest it back if we can just wake up our impotent congressional toadies and weak-wristed courts and demand that they find the cojones to take appropriate, immediate, drastic action to end this threat to our existence. The worst, most in-your-face example, by far, is what’s happening in Afghanistan. Coupled with our chaotic border, we are inviting a violent and destabilizing reign of terror aimed squarely at our homeland. The Biden administration was installed through deceit, and it is rapidly (finally!) becoming an albatross, even to Democrats. Biden’s actions have exposed the abject degradation of our government. Biden’s actions have destroyed U.S. credibility on the world stage. Lies by the media, the tech moguls, as much as Biden himself, are to blame.

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