Why Maxime Bernier’s Exclusion From Debates Weakens Canada’s Democracy


Millions of Canadians oppose many of the draconian measures that have been imposed over the past year and a half, a position Bernier has represented in contrast to the other federal leaders. This has been a disturbing year and a half in many ways. One of those ways has been the revelation that we don’t have many ‘rights’ at all, but rather we have ‘privileges.’ Being able to leave your home. Opening your businesses. Seeing your family. Getting on a plane. Getting on a train. Walking around your neighbourhood without having to explain why. Those are all things many Canadians assumed were ironclad rights. Yet, it has turned out that they are nothing but privileges that can be doled out, and taken away, at the whim of our politicians. This should have been one of the biggest stories of the past year and a half, as it represents a fundamental rearrangement of our rights as individuals, and dramatically tips the balance of power away from individual freedom and towards state control. In a truly free and democratic nation, that would be a cause for widespread debate, and those who oppose the increasingly draconian actions of our politicians — would be represented at the highest levels.

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