Trudeau Hypocrisy: PM blasts private healthcare despite giving $237 million medical contract to former Liberal


Canada’s prime minister has recently gone on the offensive in an effort to spin Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole’s stance on the country’s universal healthcare system and private healthcare, despite having himself given hundreds of millions of dollars to a former Liberal MP who owns a private commercialized medical company. Last year, it was discovered that Montreal-based Baylis Medical Company Inc., owned by former Quebec Liberal MP Frank Baylis, was awarded a federal contract totalling $237 million to purchase 10,000 ventilators despite the machines having never been “approved in any jurisdiction to date.” In total, the Trudeau government spent as much as $100,000,000 more than needed, as prices for Baylis’ unapproved ventilators tower those of approved competitor Medtronic, reports Journal de Quebec. While the Trudeau Liberals pick favourites in private medicine, they continue to condemn O’Toole’s stance, which would increase the amount of Canada Health Transfer (CHT) dollars sent. The Conservative platform released last week showed O’Toole was prepared to allocate more CHT each year compared to the Liberals.

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