Adam Zivo: A pro-labour Conservative party invading NDP turf is hardly surprising


Embracing government intervention more than anyone expected, the Conservative platform says the party would continue pandemic-related stimulus spending for two years before shifting into deficit-reduction mode. The platform also contains several pro-labour policies that would typically be associated with the NDP, suggesting that reform conservatism, which sees a role for government in supporting those left behind by laissez-faire capitalism, is becoming more influential within Canada. Reform conservatism acknowledges that unrestricted markets can sometimes unfairly deprive citizens of opportunities to flourish and has grown increasingly influential since the Trump era. It is currently advocated by Mark Rubio in the United States (who calls it “common good capitalism”) and Jason Kenney in Alberta. Its slow ascendancy not only reflects voter frustration with worsening economic inequality, but also a rejection of the growing frivolity of progressive politics, which has become increasingly alienated from working class values. […] It seems that the Conservatives have enthusiastically invaded the NDP’s turf.

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