KINSELLA: Trudeau’s campaign in critical condition


The stench of death. Justin Trudeau’s campaign? It’s not in the proverbial morgue, yet. But it’s definitely lingering near the Intensive Care Unit. The Last Rites no longer seem impossible. How can you tell if a political party’s election campaign is dying? Well, there’s the big things, like when a Trudeau cabinet minister calls the Taliban — who literally killed 158 Canadians — “our brothers.” You know, the Taliban: the actual terrorist organization that subjugates, enslaves and rapes women. Trudeau’s minister for “women and gender equality,” Maryam Monsef, called them “our brothers” yesterday. She did that. For the Trudeau Liberals, that represented a really, really bad day on the campaign trail. Whatever else they wanted to announce was blown up by Monsef’s outrageous, disgusting statement. But that’s kind of how the Trudeau campaign has gone, this time. Something has gone wrong every single day.

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