G7 Leaders Ask For Withdrawal Extension


Joe Biden spoke with international leaders about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan at an emergency meeting of the G7. During virtual talks on Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron to demand an extension of the withdrawal deadline of August 31. The Biden administration appeared to have no intention of extending the deadline however, which was a move top officials from the U.K. predicted. “I think it is unlikely, not only because what the Taliban have said, but also if you look at the public statements of President Biden, I think it is an unlikely,” explained British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. “It is definitely worth us all trying and we will.” Biden has been adamant of not extending the date, despite the Taliban doubling down on its demand for U.S. forces to leave by the end of the month. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said an extension was not apart of the plan because the goal to leave at month’s end had not changed. “The president’s direction has been to complete this withdrawal, this evacuation and withdrawal by the 31st of August,” he stated.

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