Biden’s Gift to Global Jihadists: A Safe National Homeland


All while selling out Americans stranded in Afghanistan. President Joe Biden continues to humiliate the United States by letting the Taliban terrorists dictate the terms of his surrender. Indeed, the president just capitulated to the terrorists’ threat to adhere to his own self-imposed deadline of August 31st for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The evacuation of U.S. troops from the Kabul airport has already begun. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid warned during a press conference in Kabul that: August 31 is the time given and after that it’s something that is against the agreement. All people should be removed prior to that date. After that we do not allow them, it will not be allowed in our country, we will take a different stance. And Biden dutifully followed the orders. Biden failed as Commander-in-Chief to plan for a safe and orderly evacuation for as long as it takes, backed by a credible threat of overwhelming force against the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS if they try to interfere with the evacuations.

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