Tom Mulcair: O’Toole has knocked Trudeau off his stride and it’s starting to show


When word leaked over the weekend that Justin Trudeau was asking his candidates to share any “wow” ideas they might have for the campaign, seasoned organizers from all parties were gobsmacked. When you’re in power and you get to choose the date of the election, you’re not supposed to be last out of the starting blocks. As seasoned journalist Michel C. Auger cheekily suggested, perhaps Trudeau should place a call to Andre De Grasse, known for his so-so starts and sizzling finishes. As the second week of the campaign begins, Liberals are asking: where’s Trudeau? Over the weekend, in a nod to another well-known race, the tortoise Erin O’Toole was trudging straight ahead as Trudeau’s hare chose to take most of the weekend off. The Conservatives, the Bloc and the NDP had already put their platforms in the shop window for all to see. The Liberals… were still writing theirs! I’ve been up against the redoubtable Liberal machine. They don’t give any quarter to their opponents. Trudeau will have his lines well-prepared for the debates and will no doubt do well during those crucial encounters. But will it be enough?

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